• Use Artificial Intelligence To Boost Engagement ROI

    And Drive High Quality Traffic

  • Improve AD ROI by targeting only those
    who matter, when it matters

    Smart media consumption

    Every one of your customers has a preferred media that they are more receptive to. Our media analytics engine helps identify the optimal media split for your target audience based on their persona psychographics.

    Define high potential customer profiles, find others like them

    We help you dig out valuable markets by defining high potential customer profiles from your current customers and running lookalike targeting and retargeting campaigns with our data partners. Adding in-store customer data from Migo AIR sensors into the mix uncovers previously untapped high purchase probability customers.


    Content recommendation

    Our recommendation engine suggests the best products to offer to each customer based on previous transactions, social behavior and other data.

  • Migo NPP model analyzes high dimension data to define high potential customers

    Purchase interval

    Product preference

    Holiday effect

    Shop/channel preference

    Price sensitivity

  • Hit the sweet spot by engaging with each customer
    at the right time


    Automatic engagement

    Our automatic engagement engine will help you to pitch members at the right moment based on engagement segmentation.

  • Evaluate your campaigns comprehensively

    for continuous improvement


    Campaign evaluator

    Further improve campaign efficiency by recurrently evaluating the results with a set of advanced online and offline KPIs.