A Close-Up Look At Your Customer



  • Digitalize your customer's journey


    Connect customer's in-store and purchase data with online browsing, e-commerce and other social and mobile behavior signals for a complete customer profile that goes much further than just demographics.

    Our diverse 3rd party data sources:

    Slicing data across multiple dimensions with machine learning as the core for all analytics enables retailers to gain actionable insights into retail operations and customer touch points.

    Luxury brand customized target group index

    Sports brand customized target group index

  • Target audience concentration

    We track in-store traffic and enrich it with data from multiple attribute categories to create a profile of your store visitors. We can then see who of these correspond to your original target customer profile and identify new market niches for your brand.

  • How engaged are your customers?

    Segment customers individually as New, Existing and Sleeping and assign probabilities for them to respond to a campaign using machine learning.

    Individual purchase interval

    Migo NES model

  • Insights are valuable if they are actionable

    Learn what predictive algorithms can do for you to improve your advertising RoI with Precise Engagement.